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Build Effective UX Design

I'm a Design Manager who is passionate about building effective design organizations and helping UX professionals navigate the challenges of building UX careers.

UX Design Manager - Marvin Hassan
UX Manager without a
chip on his shoulder
Marvin Hassan - UX Design Manager and Career Coach
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My UX Work

I help companies and startups build effective design teams that function as integral parts of their organizations and make products using customer-centric design practices. As a team player, I ensure the design function delivers results, grows, and becomes more valuable to its partners. As a coach, I guide UX professionals across the challenges in their everyday work life and find the next career steps and professional growth.

Magic happens when disciplines collaborate.
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Build Design Teams for Business Impact

I focus on scaling design teams to mature design organizations that impact business success by utilizing user-centered design.

Design isn't a cookie-cutter template. Each organization deserves its own design setup. Over the years, I have found a few principles and practices I use in developing design teams and UX practices. Analysing the situation at hand, establishing suitable processes and scaling teams all around collaboration.

Join Me for a Free Lighting Coaching Session

Start Without Buying the Cat in the Bag.

If you're ready to take your UX career to the next level and start making a real impact, let's chat! Book a free Lightning Session with me to experience, first hand, how impactful coaching can be for you.

UX Skills
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What Clients and Colleagues Say about Me

Marvin, as Director of Design, has always managed to balance the requirements of research, design, and business and bring them to fruition!

Roger Schwarz
CPTO, Homeday

Marvin and I had very productive conversations from the get-go. He is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of insights and feedback. Through his guidance, I was able to clearly see what my goals and ambitions are. It really helped me regain my confidence too. If you are looking for a mentor who listens patiently and offers quality advice, I would recommend Marvin.

Nishant Ilager
Senior Product Designer, Oracle

Marvin is patient, super approachable. Thanks a lot in providing me industry knowledge for applying to jobs and approaching interviews. He gave me so much clarity to express myself as a designer to recruiters, Thanks a lot for your abundant feedback!!

Apoorva Narayan
Product Designer

Thanks to Marvin we have achieved a seamless integration of UX practices into our agile development process.

Martin Fochler
Head of Development, StayFriends

We had a talk about the career challenges and Marvin helped me understand the way to go. He's a good listener and it helped to validate my thoughts and ideas with a more experienced designer. I would love to talk with Marvin again.

Anton Tolkunov
Senior UX Designer, Vodafone

I had a great mentor session with Marvin, where I got new perspectives on my career change. It was an informative and straightforward conversation that helped me position myself better and gain insight into the different roles around UX Design. Thank you Marvin, I hope to see you again!

Viktória Jakó
UX Designer

Thank you, Marvin, for taking out time! He is a very humble and polite design leader who helped me stream through my current career challenges. Would love to connect with him again!

Jatin Sharma
Product Design Manager, Redcliffe labs

What struck me about Marvin's leadership is the trust he places in his teams. Many of his team members showed unexpected growth curves and grew in confidence as a result. As his peer I felt equally trusted & empowered in my area of expertise.

Sebastian Dzubiel
Director Product Management, Homeday