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Connecting UX designers in collaboration

About me

I'm a design manager and career coach who is passionate about building effective design organizations and helping UX professionals navigate the challenges of building UX careers.

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UX Designer
Marvin Olukayode Hassan - Daddy first UX Designer second.

Designer at Heart

I’m a UX design manager, career coach, and proud father of two lovely little „chaos-causers“.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I am deeply in love with my intense, diverse hometown with all its grit and mix between small-town vibe and international flair. No wonder I find inspiring UX folk from all over the world all around me. Throughout my career in design and UX, I have been fortunate to connect with some passionate, inspired, and creative peers, many of which have helped me grow and some of which I was able to help develop successful careers along the way.

Even if the saying „the whole is larger than the sum of its parts“ might feel a little dated these days, It holds true for the work we do as designers in UX.

In order to build valuable products and services, we must connect the dots between needs, limitations, and business requirements just as much as we need to connect and collaborate with our peers in product and engineering. Success depends on teams functioning well, above individual excellence.

In my work as a manager, focussing on building strong relationships within the design team as well as with other partners of the organization has always been a high priority. By building trust in each other’s reliability, safe spaces for learning and personal growth, and a culture of collaboration beyond discipline borders, my teams form bonds that often last way beyond our shared time in a company.

While many of the things I do today aren’t strictly hands-on design work any longer, everything remains design-infused, whether it is finding a suitable organizational structure, establishing a new design process, or setting up the perfect growth path for one of my team members, I approach all challenges with a need for understanding before solutions, empathy for different needs and perspectives and excitement for learning in iteration.  Should I ever get stuck, after all, it happens to the best of us, I’m not afraid to take a step back, ask uncomfortable questions and give it another try.

Having gone through roughly 20 years in the design industry, with different roles and responsibilities. I found that only some things that glitter are gold and that sometimes reaching your goals is only the first step in uncovering who you need to be next. I no longer strive for the next bigger and better role for myself. My career is founded on my values of connection, belonging, respect, teams, hard work, and passion, and I have come to realize that the most sustainable growth is achieved when you grow together. So I am happy to take on new responsibilities with the needs and maturity of the teams I lead.

Passionate UX Designer

UX Design is about creating solutions to real-world problems. My passion for UX design drives me to continuously improve my skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

People Focussed Manager

Success is defined by reaching goals and discovering who you need to be next. By establishing trust and a safe space for learning and personal growth, I built bonds that last even beyond shared time at a company.

ICF Trained Coach

Coaching is a craft. I train and develop my coaching skills with ICF-certified programs to constantly improve my abilities to help clients, mentees, and team members.

Organizational Architect

I create processes and structures that enable our team to work efficiently and effectively. I work to ensure that the UX design process is integrated into the larger product development process and that all stakeholders are aligned.

Rooted in Berlin

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I enjoy the occasional trip, whether for work or family vacations, but if I'm away for too long, I get itchy on returning home.

Loving father

My two little troublemakers, are my heartbeat.

Community Memberships & Engagements

ADPList Mentor - Marvin Olukayode HassanGerman UPA Member
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Kind Words by Kind Colleagues & Clients

Thanks to Marvin we have achieved a seamless integration of UX practices into our agile development process.

Martin Fochler
Head of Development, StayFriends

Marvin, as Director of Design, has always managed to balance the requirements of research, design, and business and bring them to fruition!

Roger Schwarz
CPTO, Homeday

We had a talk about the career challenges and Marvin helped me understand the way to go. He's a good listener and it helped to validate my thoughts and ideas with a more experienced designer. I would love to talk with Marvin again.

Anton Tolkunov
Senior UX Designer, Vodafone

Marvin is patient, super approachable. Thanks a lot in providing me industry knowledge for applying to jobs and approaching interviews. He gave me so much clarity to express myself as a designer to recruiters, Thanks a lot for your abundant feedback!!

Apoorva Narayan
Product Designer

Thank you, Marvin, for taking out time! He is a very humble and polite design leader who helped me stream through my current career challenges. Would love to connect with him again!

Jatin Sharma
Product Design Manager, Redcliffe labs

Marvin and I had very productive conversations from the get-go. He is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of insights and feedback. Through his guidance, I was able to clearly see what my goals and ambitions are. It really helped me regain my confidence too. If you are looking for a mentor who listens patiently and offers quality advice, I would recommend Marvin.

Nishant Ilager
Senior Product Designer, Oracle

What struck me about Marvin's leadership is the trust he places in his teams. Many of his team members showed unexpected growth curves and grew in confidence as a result. As his peer I felt equally trusted & empowered in my area of expertise.

Sebastian Dzubiel
Director Product Management, Homeday

I had a great mentor session with Marvin, where I got new perspectives on my career change. It was an informative and straightforward conversation that helped me position myself better and gain insight into the different roles around UX Design. Thank you Marvin, I hope to see you again!

Viktória Jakó
UX Designer


Professional Experience

Director Design & UX

07.2019 - 12.2023


As the director of Design & UX, I scaled the Homedays design team 
to a fully-fledged organization that delivers customer-centric design throughout all product areas and builds consistent customer experiences that contribute to business goals.

I was a member of the directors' round and the strategic circle, contributing to the organization's strategic planning and steering.

Head of Design

07.2019 - 06.2021


Brought on as the first dedicated design manager, I took over responsibility for setting up UX design practices aligned with agile development and established product management routines. In collaboration with product management and engineering leadership. We founded a principle of equitable partnership, with each discipline contributing differently but equally important.

Creative Director

04.2016 - 06.2019


Promoted to Creative Director after only two months, I took over responsibilities for the design team. Established a full-fledged UX practice in alignment with agile development practices. Hired and managed all UX/UI designers and external design collaboration.

Senior UX Designer

03.2016 - 04.2016


Joined the leading social media platform for reconnecting classmates in the DACH region as a UX designer responsible for the web experience of members.

UX Designer

02.2014 - 03.2016

Lead UX Designer responsible for diverse clients like the Berliner Fernsehturm, Star FM radio station, and start-ups like Greta & Starks, Quobyte, and Lockbox. My responsibilities stretched from stakeholder management, project management, and UX/UI design to front-end implementation. As the first UX designer, I established early UX practices in the agency's portfolio.

UX Designer

01.2012 - 02.2014

ORTEC Medical

Leading UX Designer for the Berliner Forschungsplattform Gesundheit (health intelligence platform), a joint venture with Charité and Vivantes, two of the largest German healthcare providers. In my role, I was responsible for the user experience of medical practitioners in clinics and clinic trial centers.

Freelance Art Director

07.2019 - 12.2023

Built websites, and marketing solutions, designed corporate identities and corporate communication for SMEs and agency clients in various industries including the commercial real estate sector.

Art Director

02.2007 - 04.2008


Hired after a successful freelance collaboration, I was employed as an Art Director responsible for web design, corporate identities, and corporate communication for the commercial real estate sector, including large-scale property developers like Hines, BEOS, and Vivico Real Estate.

Freelance Webdesigner & Art Director

02.2005 - 01.2007

Built websites, and marketing solutions, designed corporate identities and corporate communication for SMEs and agency clients in various industries.

CEO & Co-Founder

12.2001 - 01.2005

restless design studios

Co-founder and CEO of a Berlin-based design agency focused on designing corporate identities, marketing, and web design solutions for SMEs.

Training & Education

ACC Coach Training


Coaching Training recognized by the ICF as a comprehensive education to attain the ACC credentialing level.

Power of Purpose


Lead, motivate and inspire others by rallying around a clear purpose.

Leading for Creativity


Create a culture of innovation by increasing your team’s capacity to



Certified Professional for Usability and User ExperienceEssential concepts and methods of usability and user experience and their application in practice.

New Media Design

Mediadesign Akademie

Diploma in New Media DesignFormal design education, focussed on web design, branding and art direction.

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