Small Cohorts, Big Impact

Group Coaching to Unlock Your UX Career

Are you a Senior UX Designer stuck in the everyday challenges of UX? Your career has stalled and you feel your work isn’t impactful enough?  Join a community of experienced UX professionals & find the support and guidance to overcome obstacles with confidence. 

Coached by a seasoned professional and collaborating with like-minded professionals, you'll gain fresh perspectives, new approaches, and collective wisdom to grow your UX career.

Get a free 60-minute coaching session to discuss UX career challenges
and learn how this group coaching can help you achieve your career goals.

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flexible coaching schedule
Small Cohort

Duration: 3 months

Limited to 6 Members
UX peers

Group engagement

Join a supportive community of fellow UX designers who understand the unique challenges you face. Learn to overcome obstacles, and unleash your impact, together.

Amplified Coaching Experience

Access a collective pool of diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives. Amplifying your coaching experience with fresh insights, new strategies, and different approaches.

UX career paths

Navigate Challenges

Profit from shared group coaching sessions and discover how to navigate and overcome the big challenges in building impactful UX careers.

How it Works

How UX Career Coaching Fosters Career Growth

A UX coaching group, where collaboration sparks 
growth and progress is achieved together.

Each cohort offers a collaborative environment where like-minded UX professionals come together to grow their careers and achieve remarkable success.

The career journey of a UX designer can be challenging. A UX coaching group offers a nurturing and empowering environment with support, inspiration, and encouragement. Imagine being part of an engaged community where you can tap into the collective experience of like-minded individuals, all driven by the shared goal of advancing their UX design careers.

As your UX career coach, I will guide you individually and as a group to navigate the challenges of making a lasting impact and building a successful UX career without losing your passion. In each coaching session, everyone will be able to learn from each other as we share challenges, ideas, and approaches in a safe space.

Why Join
Just 6 members per UX coaching group cohort.
Joined learning and shared accountability.
All coaching sessions are conducted by me as a trained coach.
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Marvin Olukayode Hasan

Your Coach, Mentor, and Facilitator

UX designer by heart and coach by trade

Marvin Olukayode Hassan UX Design Manager & Career Coach

With over two decades of design industry experience, I have the insights and expertise to guide your journey toward success. As a seasoned professional who has served in both  individual contributor and leadership roles, I understand the challenges you face firsthand. I have successfully built design teams, fostering business success through effective UX practices, and have mentored numerous UX designers on their path to growth.

My dedication to helping others achieve fulfilling careers in UX drives me to continuously enhance my coaching skills through ongoing development. With me as your facilitator, you gain access to a bunch of knowledge, practical experience, and unwavering support. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of the UX landscape, empowering you to surpass limitations, embrace your passion for design, and define your measure of success.


Don’t Take My Word For it

What Clients and Mentees have to say about working with me

Today I engaged in an insightful mentoring session with Marvin, a seasoned UX professional. He seamlessly blended theory with real-world examples, providing actionable advice that promises to improve my approach to design and its awareness. Grateful for the opportunity and highly recommend Marvin's mentoring for anyone seeking to improve their skillset.

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Noel Regueira Gonzalez  🇩🇪
Product Design, BNP Paribas

I had a great mentor session with Marvin, where I got new perspectives on my career change. It was an informative and straightforward conversation that helped me position myself better and gain insight into the different roles around UX Design. Thank you Marvin, I hope to see you again!

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Viktória Jakó  🇩🇪
UX Designer with Project Management Background, HUMANA Kleidersammlung GmbH

My session with Marvin was fantastic. I felt heard about the different situations that i'm currently facing within my team. I felt a huge relief as I felt understood and being able to see choices. Marvin analysed and proposed different approaches while being encouraging, transparent and insightful about my role and my career. Marvin is a great communicator and passionate mentor with valuable experience to help any mentee.

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Clara Dias  🇳🇱
UX/UI Designer, ChargePoint

Talking with Marvin was great. He gave me honest and kind reviews. He guided me not only in portfolio directions but also in how I should develop my mind to be ready for the job. I highly recommend Marvin as a mentor!

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Tamika Kawabuchi  🇩🇪
UI UX Designer, CareerFoundary

The mentor was really empathetic to my current situation and was able to help me clear up and misunderstandings that I currently have as a UX Designer Marvin is really helpful and I sincerely appreciate his time for our mentorship session

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Froiland Exequiel Ruguian  🇵🇭
Product Design/Mgt | Community | Entrepreneur, University of Asia & the Pacific

It was really nice speaking to Marvin, he is a great listener, completely understood my gaps in my portfolio and gave me accurate suggestions, also guided me how recruiters and hiring managers shortlist UX researchers profile in a business approach way, I am looking forward to talk to him again .. and would recommend everyone to book his session...cheers :)

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial
Eeshan Saha  🇮🇳
UX Researcher, On a Break for a while
The Setup

What to Expect

Your UX coaching group benefits

Gain Confidence, Impact, and Clarity

Join a group of like-minded experienced UX professionals to strengthen confidence in your UX skills, gain impact in your current role, and clarify the steps for your UX career path.

3 Months of Dedicated Coaching Sessions

Bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions.
All coaching sessions are group coaching sessions with hot seats and joined learning.

Chatting about UX

Exclusive Slack Channel

Use a dedicated Slack channel to exchange with your cohort and coach in between the sessions.

UX coaching group exchange

Discount on 1:1 UX Coaching Sessions

Save 15% on all bookings for individual coaching sessions booked during your group coaching cohort membership.

Show love for UX Designers

Bonus: Guest Speaker Sessions

We will invite one expert guest speaker for each cohort who can give us insider tips and inspiration for an exclusive talk and question round.

Guest speakers will be selected depending on the needs and interests of the cohort.

Checklist for UX careers


All sessions and resources are documented in a shared notion space, so you can reflect and follow up on your own time.

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Your Commitment to
Growing your UX Career

What we expect from group coaching members

Engaged UX Pros, only  
no Bystanders

In the spirit of a mastermind group, the members of each cohort are selected for engagement with each other. While the challenges the members face may be similar, every member has their own experiences, skills, and approaches, ensuring that every member not only profits from their own coaching but also from engaging in coaching sessions with other group members.

Chatting about UX

Focused 3 months UX Coaching Program

Each cohort is a 3 months focussed commitment. Giving us enough time to dive deep uncover blind spots and grow skills together. As you experience coaching together, the group will become a network for accountability and peer exchange.

Limited to 6 members

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