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Boost Your UX Impact

BoostYour Impact as a UX Designer

Achieve Greater Impact, Professional Growth and Career Satisfaction as an Experienced UX Designer by Utilising your Strengths and Values to Improve Your Collaboration Skills.

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UX Career Coaching

Marvin Olukayode Hassan UX Career Coach
Marvin Olukayode Hassan
Your UX career coach

UX Careers get Stuck

You've mastered all the UX methods and tools, yet there's a sense that your impact on user experience and the business isn't reaching its full potential.

Instead of leading the charge in solving real user issues, you're stuck following orders and pushing out features.

Factors like a lack of UX maturity within the company, tight budgets, and the perpetual pressure to deliver features keep holding you back from truly leveraging your UX skills. Even with years of experience, navigating the UX landscape can be quite the puzzle.

It's frustrating, I know!

Flip to UX Impact

Flip the Script to UX Impact

I've been there myself and worked with many UX designers in your situation. You've got a wealth of UX knowledge; now it's time to take things to the next level. Well, that's where this coaching program comes in, tailored just for UX designers like you, trying to grow beyond execution and becoming influential partners to their team members.

Let's work together to:

  • Tackle day-to-day challenges & blockers head-on.
  • Refine your collaboration and communication skills in a way that feels authentic to you, and build tangible changes that resonate with your peers.
  • Uncover what values and motivations drive you as the foundation of how you bring value to teams and products and the guidelines for building a satisfying UX career that lasts.

It's time to turn that frustration into a path of growth and meaningful change to boost your UX career.


Don’t Take My Word For it

What Clients and Mentees have to say about working with me
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had an introductory session with Marvin this morning, and even in the brief meeting, he asked the thoughtful kinds of questions that helped me quickly reframe some of my "big picture" goals as well as some medium-term goals. I'm looking forward to reconnecting when I'm ready to go on the job market again for a CV and resume review. I got a ton of value from one conversation, so I can only imagine how effective he would be in an ongoing Coach or Mentor scenario!

Liz Baranowicz
UX Strategist at TD SYNNEX
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin could answer to all of my questions with with an expert eye and precision. He also gave me good tips on my CV. Thank you again!

Myriam Oudumaya  🇩🇪
Product Designer, etonec
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Had an amazing session with Marvin Hassan today! He gave me very honest and constructive feedback about my work and he generously shared his 20 years of experience in this field with me. The number of subjects that he covered and explained in length in 40 min was beyond my expectations, very impressive! The session was very informative and I cannot recommend it enough! And I'm feeling excited to reflect Marvin insights into my work. Thank you @ADPList for creating such a rewarding platform!

Azarang Etemadi  🇩🇪
UX/UI Design, IxDF
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Had an excellent session with Marvin Hassan. He was always willing to answer my questions and share his experiences, which helped me understand the field correctly and create a better career plan. I highly recommend him as a mentor. He is an incredible mentor. I was looking forward to having more conversations ahead!

Fawaz Rahman  🇧🇩
Product Designer,
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I really enjoyed our session with Marvin. He immediately grasped what was the major difficulty with my portfolio presentation and gave me both technical and general feedback. That was super useful! Thank you, Marvin!

Ilya Polyak
Product Designer at Self-employed
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had an amazing session with Marvin today. He took 40 minutes to discuss with me my future career goals and help me to take an important decision regarding this. Thanks for the useful insights!

Vasiliki Bourli  🇩🇪
User Experience Design Consultant, Versett
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

It was really nice speaking to Marvin, he is a great listener, completely understood my gaps in my portfolio and gave me accurate suggestions, also guided me how recruiters and hiring managers shortlist UX researchers profile in a business approach way, I am looking forward to talk to him again .. and would recommend everyone to book his session...cheers :)

Eeshan Saha  🇮🇳
UX Researcher, On a Break for a while
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin and I had very productive conversations from the get-go. He is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of insights and feedback. Through his guidance, I was able to clearly see what my goals and ambitions are. It really helped me regain my confidence too. If you are looking for a mentor who listens patiently and offers quality advice, I would recommend Marvin.

Nishant Ilager  🇩🇪
Senior Product Designer, Oracle
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Thank you Marvin for taking out time! He is a very humble and polite design leader who helped me stream through my current career challenges. Would love to connect with him again!

Jatin Sharma  🇮🇳
Product Designer, Pokerbaazi
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

We had a talk about the career challenges and Marvin helped me understand the way to go. He's a good listener and it helped to validate my thoughts and ideas with a more experienced designer. Would love to talk with Marvin again.

Anton Tolkunov  🇩🇪
Senior UX Designer, Vodafone
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had a great mentor session with Marvin, where I got new perspectives on my career change. It was an informative and straightforward conversation that helped me position myself better and gain insight into the different roles around UX Design. Thank you Marvin, I hope to see you again!

Viktória Jakó  🇩🇪
UX Designer with Project Management Background, HUMANA Kleidersammlung GmbH
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Thank you Marvin! our session was at a low moment and he was a good listener and helped organize my thought and my steps.

Bruges A  🇩🇪
Ux/Ui designer, Ironhack
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin, thank you a lot for sharing your experience and giving really valuable feedback :)

Anastasiya Somova  🇩🇪
Product UX/UI designer, Yandex School of Data Analysis
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I first met Marvin and became his mentee in December 2020, through a 6-month program that Project A had in-between startups in Berlin. We did more sessions for about a year after that, with less frequency in 2022. Even now, Marvin is always open to do a session together, sharing his wisdom and experience and giving support in finding hands-on solutions. If you're looking for a caring and experienced mentor, I can recommend him.

Valeria Aleksic  🇩🇪
Visual Designer
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is patient, super approachable. Thanks a lot in providing me industry knowledge for applying to jobs and approaching interviews. He gave me so much clarity to express myself as a designer to recruiters, Thanks a lot for your abundant feedback!!

apoorva narayan  🇩🇪
Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, SRH School for Design and Communication
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is very helpful and approachable and gave me insights that guided and were not prescribed. He also provided some great tips on both my resume and actionable steps I could take next to further my career.

Mary Ma  🇨🇦
Senior Product Designer, Willful
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is super friendly and definitely knows what he is talking about. He gives really good insights.

Mareike Kutz  🇩🇪
Ux/Ui, Ironhack
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

The mentor was really empathetic to my current situation and was able to help me clear up and misunderstandings that I currently have as a UX Designer Marvin is really helpful and I sincerely appreciate his time for our mentorship session

Froiland Exequiel Ruguian  🇵🇭
Product Design/Mgt | Community | Entrepreneur, University of Asia & the Pacific
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

The session with Marvin was a blast. He took the time to carefully listen to my story, shared his and provided great tips to how improve my resume. Thank you!

Darya Strohm  🇩🇪
Junior UX/UI Designer, Freelance
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin quickly understood my challenge and provided very structured and comprehensive advice. The advice provided me with steps to unpack the situation to the root cause, while addressing it along the way. It was to the point and encouraging for me to move forward in the right direction.

Vivienne Zhang  🇩🇪
Senior Product Design Lead, Wayfair
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had an eye opening mentoring session, which helped me understand my portfolio better and also got a guidance on how I can improvise to stand out in the market.

Soumya Janani  🇮🇳
UI UX Design Intern, Infinity Pvt Ltd
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I highly recommend Marvin as a mentor for anyone seeking guidance in UX design. His empathetic approach and precise questioning helped me pinpoint my specific needs and challenges. During our session, Marvin provided clear and actionable steps to improve my portfolio. His answers were concise and to the point, offering valuable insights.

Ghada Shebl  🇩🇪
Product Designer, Tagaddod
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is a really highly prepared person, with a clear understanding of the market and the role of a designer and a manager. A really passionate mentor, with great communication and a high capacity to deliver a vision of personal growth.

Elisa Fabbian  🇮🇹
Lead Digital Product Designer, Design Group Italia
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Talking with Marvin was great. He gave me honest and kind reviews. He guided me not only in portfolio directions but also in how I should develop my mind to be ready for the job. I highly recommend Marvin as a mentor!

Tamika Kawabuchi  🇩🇪
UI UX Designer, CareerFoundary
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is a great communicator and has valuable experience to help in career advice. Thanks!

Diana Aya  🇩🇪
Product Design Manager, Market Logic Software
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin is an incredibly skilled mentor. His expertise and experience make him exceptionally proficient. After discussing my current situation, he promptly guided me toward a future path. His feedback was succinct, addressing the issue and offering clear steps for the next course of action. Conversing with Marvin was truly valuable.

Rushiraj Jagnade  🇮🇳
Lead Product Designer, GTL
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Great mentoring. He help me to understand some pain points that he feels when saw my CV and portfolio. He gave me tips to improve my CV, what to highly and in the portfolio to be more detailed in my showcases.

Miguel Angel  🇨🇴
Graphic Designer and Web Master, Tu Aliado en Asia
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin made me realise where I was going wrong when approaching job searches or selling myself. It was a real eye-opener to see my experience and profile from the perspective of an industry professional. I came out with a lot of encouragement and tips that I could put into action.

Solmi Kim  🇩🇪
UX Design Graduate, Career Foundry
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had an eye opening session with Marvin. During this session, he reviewed and commented on my portfolio and resume. He detected some problems in them which I haven't noticed before and now I'm motivat to make them better. I'm more than grateful for having this amazing session with Marvin.

Saeme nasseri  🇩🇪
UX Designer, GEA
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin's session was a game-changer for my job search. It expertly enhanced my CV, revamped my social profiles, and fine-tuned my cover letter. This tool is user-friendly, saving me time and effort, and boosting my confidence in job applications. Its focus on professionalism and accuracy is commendable. Highly recommended for anyone looking to stand out in their job search.

Ehab Galal  🇪🇬
Senior UX researcher, Moneyfellows
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I got portfolio feedback from Marvin and It was valuable time to have honest, constructive, and detailed feedback on my work :)

Jiwon Kim  🇩🇪
Student, HSRW
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

We had a really nice talk with Marvin about career in tech. It provided me with some insights and I have more clear picture of what to do next. Thank you for your help!

Nadezhda Frunza  🇹🇭
Kindergarten Teacher, Denla
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin's session has been very productive and focused on achieving objectives. Definitely the push I needed to make a career transition. He has been very professional and highly recommended to boost your career to a new level.

Mª Ángeles Montero Rodríguez  🇩🇪
architect, kh
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

My session with Marvin was fantastic. I felt heard about the different situations that i'm currently facing within my team. I felt a huge relief as I felt understood and being able to see choices. Marvin analysed and proposed different approaches while being encouraging, transparent and insightful about my role and my career. Marvin is a great communicator and passionate mentor with valuable experience to help any mentee.

Clara Dias  🇳🇱
UX/UI Designer, ChargePoint
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

I had an incredibly insightful session with Marvin, who possesses extensive industry experience. His guidance on job searching, resume enhancement, and portfolio optimization was invaluable. As an encouraging mentor, he provided constructive feedback and shared practical insights into the job market. What set Marvin apart was not just his vast knowledge but also his ability to understand my profile and offer tailored advice.

Sharik Ahamed  🇩🇪
UX & UI Designer, Gesellschaft Muslimischer Mediziner in Norddeutschland (GMMN) e.V,
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Thank you Marvin for listening and addressing each of my doubts! I am transitioning into UX, and my session with Marvin helped me to organize and find the best way to communicate my varied experience in different fields of Design and Customer Service. He was approachable, practical, and positively honest. His generous advice inspired me to start my portfolio with a clear direction, something I didn't have before. The session was productive; I would highly recommend booking a session with him.

Veronica Loreiro  🇦🇷
Creative consultant - UX Research - Service Design, self employed
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Today I engaged in an insightful mentoring session with Marvin, a seasoned UX professional. He seamlessly blended theory with real-world examples, providing actionable advice that promises to improve my approach to design and its awareness. Grateful for the opportunity and highly recommend Marvin's mentoring for anyone seeking to improve their skillset.

Noel Regueira Gonzalez  🇩🇪
Product Design, BNP Paribas
Coaching & Mentoring Testimonial

Marvin was great to talk to. He asked really good questions to drive the conversation and shared a lot of his experience and insight. I left the conversation with resources and plenty to think on for what's next in my career path. I would highly encourage any senior designers trying to figure out what their next steps are to have a chat with Marvin. Thanks for your time and insights Marvin! I'm looking forward to chatting again in the future. Cheers!

Jennie C  🇵🇷
Senior Product Designer, Clari
Your UX Coach

Why Me

What you can expect

I offer tailored coaching and guidance to Senior UX designers and UX Leaders just like you. By working with me, you'll benefit from my knowledge and extensive experience of over 20 years in design. I have faced and overcome many of the challenges you come across in building a career in User Experience.

As a Design Manager I have first hand experience in hiring and growing UX talents and building effective teams in agile product organizations.

My coaching practice works with your individual needs, challenges and capabilities. I adhere to the code of ethics and core values of the international coaching federation.

With structured guidance I will lead you to more impact and a satisfiying career path in UX.

Find out more on a free Lightning Session
No strings attached.

Marvin Olukayode Hassan UX Career Coach
ICF recognized coaching training
ICF Recognized
Coach Training
The Method

How You Benefit from UX Coaching

Guided Coaching Steps for Your UX Career
Create headspace

1. Create Headspace

The daily challenges of being a UX Designer can block you from finding the energy for career progression. Together we will created the needed headspace by tackling your blockers head on.

Improve Collaboration

3. Improve Your Collaboration Skills

Collaboration with your peers from other disciplines is a key skill to becoming more influential. Find a way of communicating that its true to you.

UX career paths

5. Define a Clear Path for Yourself

Instead of grappling with frustration and limitations, we'll chart your course based on your in-depth understanding of your strengths, values, and pivotal experiences.

Start coaching
Grow your UX career

2. Evaluate Your Strengths and Values

Your strengths and values build the basis of your path to success. In our collaboration we will investigate what drives you and how to best expand on your strengths in the UX design spektrum.

Celebrate growth and development

4. Become a Driver of Change

Great collaborators and communicators are catalysts for positive change – even without a formal leadership role. With your strengths and authentic voice, you'll be in a great position to initiate improvements.

Start Gaining Impact

Start on your coaching journey with me with a free session to experience how impactful coaching can be.

No Strings attached
Book Your free Coaching Session
What‘s Included

UX Coaching Program

Individually structured coaching
Structured coaching sessions

Bi-weekly Coaching Session

60 Minute reflective coaching sessions in which we will dive deep to tackle the challenges in your career progress.

Lightning Sessions

Lightning Sessions

20 Minute quick calls for those in-between emergencies that block you during the week.

Flexible scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you prefer to meet before work, during lunch or after work, we'll work together to find a time that suits you. Don't let a busy schedule hold you back from achieving your goals.

Notion coaching workspace

Notion Workspace

Track your progress, session log, and exercises. All my notes from our sessions, including your insights and commitments, are documented in your private client dashboard only accessible to you and me. Making it easy for you to review and track your progress.

Text and voice messaging

Text & Voice Messaging

Send me your questions anytime they pop up. I’ll be sure to respond within 48 hours. Use this for advice, tips, and questions not suited for traditional coaching sessions.

Cancel anytime

Cancel Anytime

A coaching relationship is based on trust. As your coach, I always have your best interest in mind. Should you feel our coaching sessions no longer provide value, I wouldn’t want to keep you tied up in a long-term subscription.

Next Steps

Get Started with Coaching

How we begin to work together
steps to coaching
Step 1

Jump on a Free Session

We’ll discuss a challenge you are facing to find out how we can fix it and if coaching is a good fit for you.

Step 2

Decide if Coaching is Right for You

Coaching works best if you are ready for it. Our free session with access to the client area will help you to make an educated decision.

Step 3

Grow Your Impact and Skills

We begin our official coaching program and set you up on your way to impact.


Good to know.

A few Things before we get started

How long does the coaching process take?

There is no set time limit on making progress through coaching. We can work together for as long as you are receiving value. Many of my clients begin to see improvements right from the first session on.

Can I change through coaching?

You can count on it. Lots of folks share how coaching has transformed their personal and professional pursuits. Speaking from my own journey, teaming up with a coach has enriched my leadership, partnerships, resilience, and overall joy.

How often do we meet?

I offer bi-weekly structured coaching session. This frequency gives you enough time between sessions to reflect and work on proposed resources and exercises.

What if I wanted to end my coaching engagement?

My main purpose in coaching is to help you. If you are no longer finding value in our work, you can cancel anytime.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Don't hesitate to reach out to me.