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UX Management

It's not Art
UX is a Business Function

I build design organizations that utilize design practices to achieve business goals by satisfying customer needs.

Marvin Olukayode Hassan - UX Design Manager
Just had to go for that
hand on the chin, didn't he?

I Am Part Of A Team;
 When We Win, I Win.

UX Designer by Heart

My career started in art direction and web design before I expanded into UX design and leadership. Having learned the craft of design by heart, I can guide my teams in their professional growth and support them hands-on from discovery to delivery should they need assistance or run into jams.

Coach and Mentor

Learning from books and courses is limited to theory. Personal learning engagement, like coaching, is a great way to go beyond the basics and learn from real-life experience. Since both coaching and mentoring are two-way streets, I always see them as an opportunity to help myself and others.

Partner and Peer

I believe in collaboration over competition. As a design leader, I strive to partner with my engineering and product management peers. I build trust and bridges to enhance collaboration at the leadership and team levels by establishing processes that value each discipline and optimize effectiveness.

Insatiable Learner

Throughout my career, I was lucky to have worked with incredible colleagues who helped me grow my skill set. I’ve remained eager for professional development and continuous learning from the new challenges I face with my managers, peers, and direct reports. I am always driven to become a better designer and leader.

How I work.

UX design at Heart, Collaboration at Core.

As a designer, I build bridges between different perspectives and disciplines in contribution to solving customer problems and building delightful products.

Build Design Organisations

I help companies and startups build effective design teams that function as integral parts of their organizations and make products using customer-centric design practices.

Build Partnerships

Excellent product organizations value all disciplines equally. Therefore, design, product, and engineering become equitable partners making the whole larger than its parts. My role as a player in this team is to ensure the design function delivers results, grows, and becomes more valuable to its partners.

Design Career Paths

I guide UX professionals across the challenges in their everyday life as UX professionals and find the next career steps and professional growth.

Work With me

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